Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - PMR

"Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation" (PMR), aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. A physician having completed training (Post MBBS- MD/DNB/Dip. PMR) in this field is referred to as a physiatrist. The goals of the physiatrist are to maximize patient’s independence in activities of daily living and improve quality of life.

Vision: Centre par excellence, in improving quality of life of peoples, in teaching and in research.


  • To provide Best and up-to-date knowledge-base Rehabilitation services.
  • Promoting Aesthetic, Rehabilitation research.
  • To Provide Quality Training in Rehabilitation to students.

Services Available in the department:

Currently OPD services are provided by the department of PMR to diagnose and treat all the musculoskeletal pain disorders (Neck pain, Back Pain, Cancer pain, neuropathic pain, Arthritis and many more.) through a multidisciplinary approach (Medicines/ Therapy). PMR department also offers rehabilitation services for patient suffering from Neurological/ Musculoskeletal/ Pulmonary/ Cardiac/ Degenerative disease. Soon this department will offer day care-based Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy guided interventions for musculoskeletal and cancer related pain, chronic pelvic pain disorders, spasticity, neurogenic bladder, migraine etc.


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Dr. Chandrakant Pilania
Assistant Professor


OPD Schedule:

Consultants Day of Week
Dr. Chandrakant Pilania

General OPD:
Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


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Expansion planned for the future:

To start Specialty Clinics for Paediatric rehab, Cardiac rehab, Geriatric rehab and Movement disorder rehab.