The Department of Pharmacology is a unit of creative scholars, talented scientists and dedicated staff focused on advancing the research, teaching, and service missions of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bathinda, India.The focus of research is to elucidatethe molecular mechanisms in pharmacologyand disease, emphasizing molecular, structural, and chemical approaches to understand the form and function in biology. 


The vision of the Department of Pharmacology is to become a recognized and renowned unit in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics by becoming a stupendous research-intensive academic department

The mission of the Department of Pharmacology is not only to prepare the students for their future success in life through a host of up-to-date courses in Pharmacology but also help them to develop a rigorous scientific attitude so that they can serve the profession in the best possible way. Department is committed to improve the world today and for future generations through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice. The Department of Pharmacology has always playedvital role in the scientific, clinical and educational missions. The discipline of pharmacology starts with basic mechanisms of drug discovery, therapeutic action, metabolism, and distribution, along with adverse effects of drug on biological system which played introductory pillar towards therapeutics and future medicine.

Consequently, the Department of Pharmacology integrates diverse basic and translational scientific investigations around common research interests, providing unique capabilities to promote the discovery and development of new therapeutics. Our strategic objectives are to provide a dynamic and diverse academic environment that fosters innovative, ground-breaking research in basic and clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, promote strong evidence-based teaching and training for our students and trainees, and contribute to the institute’s mission. The ultimate aim of the department is to develop the Department as a center of excellence for safety and efficacy assessment of medicines and contribute to the development of our country through our expertise, and participate in government and community organizations or activities related to Pharmacology, Toxicology and drugs in general.

Expansion planned for the future:

Clinical Services:

Department has recently started Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre in the Department which actively collecting ADR from various clinical department.

As Punjab have highest number of Cancer patients in India and these cancer patients require multi drug therapy withnarrow therapeutic window drugs with high chances of adverse drug reaction and drug interactions.Department is establishing the facilities to start following Patient services after completion of Academic Block and In-Patient building:

  1. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  2. Pharmacogenomics
  3. Drug Information Center


 To promote the clinical research and to increase the public private partnerships, Department is considering to establish Clinical Pharmacology Unit in In-Patient Department to start BA/BE and Phase I studies.

Academics and teaching:

The department is training MBBS students, in both theoretical and practical aspects of pharmacology. We teach topics like Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Personalized Medicine, Essential medicines, Pharmacovigilance, Drug information services, Prescription Writing and assessed by timely Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE). 


Pharmacology is an exciting field that touches nearly every other area of medicine.  At AIIMS, Bathinda, our close collaboration with other departments will give you plenty of opportunity to conduct research alongside a wide variety of faculty members with diverse specialties. Department of Pharmacology focuses on the fundamental mechanisms of diseases and how drugs influence the body system.  We, at the department, exploit novel ideas and technologies investigate the causes of mortality or morbidity. Pharmacology research start with a common theme of investigation of the interaction of chemical substances with biological systems using many techniques, in various disease and organ system. It covers both Experimental & Clinical studies.  Pre-clinical studies in rodents and other animals were carried out to decipher the mechanism behind the action of drug prior entering to clinical studies.

The Pharmacology Department at AIIMS Bathinda is developing the research facilities for Drug discovery to development, broad-based biological screening, pharmacology, pharmaco-kinetics, toxicology, phase I clinical studies, molecular and cell biology, pharmacologyand phytochemicals/herbal drugs/nutraceuticals research.

The Pharmacology Department, AIIMS Bhatinda will continuously making strong ties with other premier institutes in India and other nations. We also provide support infrastructure for investigators of other departments in conducting clinical, experimental and biomarker research.



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Dr. Gagandeep Kwatra
Additional Professor & HOD

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Dr. Mintu Pal
Associate Professor

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Dr. Abhinav Kanwal
MS (Pharm), PhD
Associate Professor

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Dr. Rachna
MBBS, MD Pharmacology, DM Clinical Pharmacology
Assistant Professor 9876238583

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Dr. Vikas Kumar
Assistant Professor


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Expansion planned for the future: