Since cardiovascular disease is the number one killer worldwide, it is our responsibility and privilege to provide timely, compassionate care to cardiovascular patients. We aim to establish a cardiovascular department capable of providing state of the art care and treatment of cardiovascular diseases even to the highest risk, poor and needy patients, while maintaining a national and international leadership role in advancing cardiovascular disease research and provide highest quality education and training to our students.

We aim to push ourselves to

  • To ensure clinical excellence so every patient has access to best possible care where safety and quality of life is the highest priority.
  • To engage continuously in the pursuit of new knowledge, technology and therapies for all cardiovascular ailments to help saves lives.
  • Share innovations and discoveries through scientific publications & conferences to benefit patients worldwide
  • Educate, train and mentor the next generation of clinicians and prepare them to be academic leaders in their field

Cardiology department started functioning on 29 th July, 2021 with joining of Dr Rohit Walia as Associate Professor and later Dr Suraj Kumar joined as assistant professor on 16th August, 2021. Cardiology team has started OPD and echocardiography services on daily basis. Our team is committed to provide 24 x 7 emergency cardiology services including primary angioplasty and arrhythmia care to nation and working on setting up state of art coronary care units and cardiac catheterization laboratories. Our team specializes in taking care of preventive cardiology, cardiac imaging, intervention cardiology , cardiac electrophysiology and device therapy  , heart failure and pediatric cardiology services.    

All research is conducted taking care of our core principles of honesty and ethical and patient safety as priority.

Aims of Research: To improve and develop new treatment and diagnostic options for the patients. We are presently conducting researches on wide subspecialties of cardiology ranging from prevention of cardiovascular disease, cardiac imaging, treatment modalities from drugs to coronary stents, pacemaker, defibrillators, device therapies for heart failure and cardiac electrophysiology including ventricular arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation ablation. We welcome collaborations in research globally. Interested collaborators may forward the proposals to department by email (


We are committed to providing our fellows with training and individualized mentorship to prepare them to be future leaders in the field. We work on developing a culture of honesty, truthfulness, providing patient well-being and safety centered clinical and research-based practice and simultaneously providing stress free learning atmosphere and ample exposure for our students. Students can enroll for training courses through centralized entrance examination and apply directly for short term studentship by sending applications to by email( Cardiology faculty has previously conducted   numerous international conferences successfully on atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmia state of art symposium, basic and advanced electrocardiography course, cardiac devices update, cardiac interventions, etc.  and interested students should follow departmental website for enrolling in future educational events.


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Dr. Bhupinder Singh
MD, DM (Cardiology)
Additional Professor & HOD 8427800682

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Dr. Suraj Kumar
MD, DM (Cardiology)
Assistant Professor


OPD Schedule:

Consultants Day of Week
Dr. Bhupinder Singh

General OPD:
Monday, Thursday, Friday
Special OPD:

Heart Valve Clinic: Tuesday
Heart Failure Clinic: Wednesday
Paediatric Cardiology Clinic: Thursday

Dr. Suraj Kumar

General OPD:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
Special OPD:
Heart Valve Clinic:
Paediatric cardiology clinic: Thursday




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